Marsilii first to 300

Senior Captain, Matt Marsilii has become the first Spartan to reach 300 miles in the summer of 2015.  Marsilii logged his 300th mile on Thursday, July 30 and has now earned his third 300 Mile Club jersey.  The summer of 2015 is the 7th edition of 300 Mile Club, a summer training program which gives runners nine weeks to log 300 miles.  Senior Captain, Chris Higgins has the second highest mileage total through the same date, checking in with 229.9 miles.  Chigs is looking for his third jersey.  300 Mile Club wraps up on Sunday, August 16.  

Pictured:  Marsilii races at the New Castle County Championship Meet at the Winterthur Estate in 2014.  Senior Captain James DiStefano follows.  

Reminder:  Everyone should be doing a weekly tempo run, beginning in July.  This should not be at the expense of your overall volume.  Run 20 minutes at tempo within a longer run.  An example would be a 60 minute run with the middle 20 at tempo.  E-mail me with questions.  

Pre-Season practice schedule coming soon!  Check the home page and calendar for details.

Jacob DiSabatino '16 has started a campaign to Stop Soldier Suicide.  Check it out here and get involved!  Your summer miles can help the cause!  UPDATE from DiSab!  The runner who puts up the most miles in support of this cause will earn a shirt.  Contact Disab at