Next Few Days

Friday, Aug. 28
Practice at our normal time (3:10 - 5:10) at our normal meeting place on campus (under the trees by the old convent).  Before we get started, uniforms will be distributed.  All uniforms are required to be washed before returned, so they should be clean, but if you want to wash them this weekend (before picture day) feel free.  These are high quality and expensive uniforms and once an athlete takes possession of it, he is responsible for it.  Lose it, buy it.  Remember to hang dry the uniforms - do not put them in the drier.

Saturday, Aug. 29
Bus leaves St. Mark's promptly at 9:00 AM for Killens Pond State Park, the site of our first meet (Sat. Sep. 12, Lake Forest Invitational) and our last meet (Sat. Nov. 14, State Championship Meet).  We will practice on the course and leave around 12:00 noon.  We may stop briefly on the way back to eat, so either pack a lunch or bring money.  As always, it is your responsibility to bring enough water to every practice.  Have a full charge on your phone and update your parents on our anticipated arrival time back at school.  This should be sometime around 1:30 or 2:00 - update your folks when we have a better idea.  Your ride must be at school when we arrive.  A few of you are riding directly to practice at Killens Pond with your parents.  We will meet at the main pavilion.  Click here for satellite image

Sunday, Aug. 30
Required rest day.  This means no running.  This is not me being a nice guy - this is a critical part of your training.  Recovery is vital!  Have the confidence to rest!

Monday, Aug. 31
Continue our normal practice schedule:  3:10 - 5:10 at St. Mark's, every school day.  Saturdays as announced.  The calendar on this site will be used only to reflect changes to our normal schedule:  No news means no change.  So practice on a normal school day is 3:10 - 5:10.  This will not be shown on the calendar.  

Tuesday, Sep. 1
Team pictures taken during practice.  Arrive at practice (normal place and time) in your cross-country uniform.  Wear nothing under your uniform shirt.  Anything you choose to wear under your uniform shorts must be solid white only.  The shorts have a built-in brief, so it is not necessary to wear anything underneath them.  However, if you choose to, solid white only.  IMPORTANT:  Bring running clothes to change into after pictures.  You will not practice in your uniform.  Order forms for pictures will be distributed at practice on Friday, Aug. 28.  No one is required to buy pictures.  If you choose to, bring the completed form to practice Tuesday and give it to the photographer when we are called for pictures.  Extra forms will not be available.  Don't lose them. 

Do not forget your uniform and be the one guy in the picture not in uniform!

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