This calendar will be used only to reflect changes to our regular practice schedule.  The regular Spring Track & Field practice schedule is Monday through Friday, 3:10 - 5:10 at Saint Mark's; Saturday practices as announced.  Regular practices will not be shown on the calendar.  No news means no change.  

Dual meet vs DMA
Wed. Apr. 26 at Saint Mark's.  First gun scheduled for 3:30.  Field events should begin around 3:45.  Will follow the standard Order of Events and should conclude around 6:00 PM.  Lineups for dual meets are always fluid, never firm.  They will be reviewed at Tuesday's practice.  If Tuesday's practice is canceled, a lineup (fluid, not firm) will be posted here Tuesday evening.  As with all meets hosted at Saint Mark's, ALL team members, regardless of their lineup and event status, must attend and must stay for the entire meet.  There are many moving parts to a track & field meet and your help is needed to effectively run the meet.
**Even if you are not in the lineup, you must attend the meet.  Everyone must remain for the entire meet.  Everyone is a relay alternate.  Dual meet lineups are always fluid**
4x800:  Robinette/Houtz/Campbell/Daly
110h:  Scalia, Rodriguez
100:  Glover, Bryant, Sanders, Catalano, B. Henry, Velasco, Njuguna, Murray
4x200:  Glover/Tynes/Palmer/Wedgewood
1600:  Anzilotti, Chapman, Harrington, Keen, Langford, Quirk, Stroik, Vadnais
4x100:  A)  Palmer/Glover/Wedgewood/Tynes
            B)  B. Henry/Njuguna/Velasco/Bangura
400:  Tynes, K. Poppiti, Palm, AJ Poppiti, Njuguna, Hessler
300h:  Scalia, Rodriguez, Catalano
800:  Chapman, Harrington, Hessler, Langford, Keen, Quirk, Stroik
200:  Glover, Palmer, Wedgewood, Sanders, Bryant, Bangura, B. Henry, Velasco, Murray
3200:  Barker, Campbell, Daly, J. Henry, Robinette, Vadnais, Waryn
4x400:  A)  Palmer/Scalia/Rodriguez/K. Poppiti
            B)  Marcelo or Houtz/Catalano/Palm/AJ Poppiti
            C)  Bangura/J. Henry/Harrington/Hessler
LJ:  Houtz, Palm, AJ Poppiti, K. Poppiti, Marcelo
TJ:  Tynes
SP/DT:  All throwers.  See Coach McCartan before reporting to throwing events.

Those going to Penn Relays on Friday, Apr. 28 (Palmer, Glover, Wedgewood, Tynes, Sanders) will ride the Septa train with Coach Jen early Friday morning.  Details will be reviewed at Thursday's practice.  The rest of the team will practice as usual on Friday.