This calendar will be used only to reflect changes to our regular practice schedule.  The regular XC practice schedule on a typical school day is 3:10pm - 5:10pm at Saint Mark's; Saturday practices as announced.  Regular practices will not be shown on the calendar.  No news means no change.     

CLICK HERE to see how we are supporting Muscle Movement Foundation!

The plan is to distribute the shirts at practice on Monday, Oct. 23.  I would prefer to not be dealing with shirts on Tuesday.  I have gotten permission for you to replace the top half of your uniform in school on Tuesday with these shirts.  We will also wear them to the meet.  You will race in your XC uniform, so make sure you have that as well.  

The dual meet with Salesianum on Tuesday, Oct. 24 will be at Bellevue State Park, gun time scheduled for 4:00.  More details here and at practice.  Annual Scavenger Hunt will be Wednesday, Oct. 25.  That day usually goes past 5:10.  Plan on 5:30 for Wednesday.  

Updated info on Bishop's 5k:  On Saturday, November 18, the team will take part in the 2nd Annual Bishop's 5k, supporting Catholic Charities.  I expect all team members to take part and invite their families to join us.  The race will be held at Bellevue State Park with a scheduled gun time of 10:00 AM.  Race number pick-up begins at 9:00 AM.  The first 100 to register get a discount and as of this writing, 33 discounted spots remain.  8 discounted spots left!  

I would like everyone to join Team Spartan when they register.  Instructions for joining Team Spartan, how to register, and all race info can be found by CLICKING HERE.