This calendar will be used only to reflect changes to our regular practice schedule.  The regular practice schedule for Indoor Track is Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, 3:10 PM - 4:40 PM.  These practices will not be shown on the calendar.  Changes to the regular practice schedule could occur due to winter weather or adjustments to the school schedule.  No news means no change.  

Indoor Track
Practice begins Monday, November 30  Tuesday, Dec. 1  Thanks to everyone for selling magazines and earning us the school holiday on Monday!  Due to the school calendar change, we will now practice on Tuesday, Dec. 1.  The rest of the week will remain the same.

Note:  Our new meeting location will be in the 320's corridor.  As always, be prepared for both indoor and outdoor practice.  The decision on whether or not to go outside will be made on a day to day basis.  It is your responsibility to be prepared.  Also, be mindful that academic activities continue in the school after dismissal.  Unnecessary noise and commotion is disrespectful to those trying to work.

State banquet is on Wednesday, Dec. 9.  Those attending will be notified of details via email.

Team banquet for all team members and families is on Monday, Dec. 14 at Saint Mark's.  Details will be posted here.  

Uniforms will be collected once - in the Spring.  Keep your uniforms until instructed to return them.