This calendar will be used only to reflect changes to our normal practice schedule.  XC practice is held every weekday after school and on Saturdays when there is no meet scheduled.  Unless otherwise posted on this calendar, weekday practice is 3:10pm to 5:10pm and Saturday practice is 4:00pm to 6:00pm.  Normal practice times will not be shown on the calendar.  No news means no change.  

Saturday, October 25
Meet at our usual spot in Brandywine Creek State Park at 8:15 AM, wearing your 2014 team t-shirt.  If it is chilly, wear it over a compression top or something.  Regardless, you MUST wear something that says St. Mark's.  

Have a good breakfast and bring food and drink.  Practice will follow the CYM meet.  I expect our practice to begin by 11:00 AM.  Arrange for your ride at 1:00.

One Step Beyond
James DiStefano had guaranteed a victory for his squad, The Man Salad, in the 2014 edition of The Most Awesomely Epic Scavenger Hunt in the History of Epic Awesomeness.  Indeed, they put up one of the highest point totals ever when they tallied 212 points, more than enough to win in almost any year, but fell just short of the whopping 218 points rung up by I've Got the Runs.  Teams were chosen by a random draw at the outset and pulling IGTR were seniors Andrew Kacmarcik, Shane McCartan, and Brandon Mutinda, juniors Anthony Esquivel and Jonathan Zhang, and freshman, Michael Robinette.  Placing third were The Gas House Gorillas with 193 points, while Rapid Thigh Movement came in with 185.  The goodies included the always popular half-gallon of chocolate milk, some tasty treats, body spray to get the stink out, and a pair of running socks.  For the squad of I've Got the Runs, it came down to their peerless reenactment of a Madness album cover:

And the original...

In a year when every team produced a four leaf clover and a Sasquatch sighting, there wasn't much separating the contenders.  Always one of my favorite days of the year.  Thanks for the laughs!