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300 Mile Club 2014
The tallies are in and the following young men have earned 300 Mile Club jerseys for running at least 300 miles during the allotted nine weeks this summer:

Andrew Kacmarcik '15:  425.0 miles
Matt Marsilii '16:  357.0 miles
Kyle Bunts '16:  330.2 miles
Joe Bacon '15:  325.5 miles
Chris Higgins '16:  321.0 miles
Richie Langan '16:  316.3 miles
Alec Bonvetti '16:  315.0 miles
Colin McDermitt '15:  301.9 miles

Earning the socks that come with 200 miles is junior Captain James DiStefano, who logged 295.1 miles.  

Great job, Men!


Meet schedule on the calendar is still under construction and is not complete.  Archmere and Salesianum dual meets still need to be added (information found on this site supersedes all other information) and I am undecided about going to a meet on Saturday, Sep. 20.