This calendar will be used only to reflect changes to our regular practice schedule.  The regular XC practice schedule on a typical school day is 3:10 - 5:10 Monday through Friday at Saint Mark's.  Saturday practices as announced.  Regular practices will not be shown on the calendar.  No news means no change.   

It is not too late to come out for the team!  Please talk to your friends, old and new, and bring them out! 

Regular practice schedule in effect.  See above for details.  Meeting place is under the trees by the old convent.  Until lockers in the locker room are assigned, you may leave your things under the trees or in your car, if you have one.  You may also ask an upperclassman if you may keep your things in his car until you have a locker.  You will not have access to the academic wing of the school after practice.  Many of you will choose to keep your things outside during the season.  While this has rarely been a problem, no guarantees can be made about the security of your things.  

Wednesday, Aug. 31:  Uniforms distributed at practice.  A reminder that uniforms should never be put in the drier - hang them to dry.  

Friday, Sep. 2 through Monday, Sep. 5:  No team practice.  All team members are expected to train on their own, as instructed.  These are not days off.

Tuesday, Sep. 6:  Team pictures and Mandatory Fall Sports Meeting.
1:00 PM  Boys' XC team is dismissed from class for pictures.  Do not expect an announcement.  Teachers are aware of the picture schedule - tell your teacher at the beginning of class you are on the Boys' XC team.  Quickly change into your XC uniform and report to the lobby outside the Bookstore.  Wait for instructions from the photographer and/or Athletic Director, Mr. Smith.  All team members must be in complete team uniform (shorts and shirt) for the picture.  Wear running shoes and socks as well.  Do not forget your uniform.  If you like, you may wear something over your shorts while you are waiting for the photographer.  If you do so, it must be able to be removed quickly for the picture.  When pictures are completed, change back into your school uniform and return to class.  You may not practice in your team uniform so do not forget practice clothes.  Picture order forms, for anyone wishing to purchase pictures, will be distributed when I receive them.  Extra copies will not be available if you forget or lose them.  

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM  Mandatory Fall Sports Meeting at Saint Mark's for all athletes and at least one of his parents/guardians.  Meet in the auditorium.  

Saturday, Sep. 10:  First meet of the season at Cherokee HS in Marlton, NJ.  More details will be posted here as the date approaches.  Complete Meet Schedule is on this site's calendar.